To help our clients to strengthen their image


Progress with a positive outlook
Operate honestly and fairly on all levels
To be seen by the community in a positive way at all times (never let the side down)


iDesign is a company who always holds a positive approach, are committed to provide a strong image for each and every project taken on board and will go to every possible length to make a deadline on behalf of our clients.

Quick turn around and deadlines is what our industry is all about. We operate in a calm positive manner to achieve and meet our client¹s needs and deadlines.

Our clients are companies with a quality product and realise the importance of strong, effective graphics in marketing that product, These clients can prepare for presentations, conferences, exhibitions or shows without any worry about how their product is displayed we¹ve got them covered.

We will give our clients a peace of mind as we deal with their need for effective graphics. Each client will be treated with the same alpine level of personal attention from consultation to completion of their unique project, and will leave wanting more.


I deal with and look at all areas in a positive way. Negativity leads to aggression, a word I choose not to entertain.

In Control
I will remain in control of all aspects of iDesign. While in control I act responsibly, responsible for quality of service, and success of my company.

Lateral Thinking
While taking control, there are numerous opportunities for slip-ups or mistakes. When dealing with projects involving suppliers, printer and or finishers these opportunities for error increased I must be awake to areas of possible concern before they become problem areas.

When dealing with high levels of pressure, it is paramount to operate in an unfazed manner while not slacking off, it is important to progress in an organised and steadying fashion. Those who loose control are sure to miss the deadline.

Most of the time we get one shot to impress, and to achieve that we need to know what our client expects. Listen, they will tell you!

Beautiful, time consuming graphics are scrap, if they don¹t succeed and result in what our client requires of them. Imaginative Looking the same is of no use to any of our clients, we must stride to look unique and be different.

Because this industry has become more and more dependent on technology and also because new graphics are constantly evolving, we too must commit ourselves to a constant ability to change and re-educate.

Read, dream or imagine so that you will be inspired, use that inspiration to develop new ideas.

While in iDesign we spend most of our time making others look good in order to succeed. We must step back regularly and take a focused look at what is ahead.

A busy office like mine can be extremely productive and turn out graphics with the capability of making millions for our clients. Failing to put systems in place within our own company can make those priceless graphics, worthless. A structure that will see all work from concept through to payment is our foundation.

When I give a client a reason to trust me, I am giving him a reason to return.